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Rock Hard Concrete

When I first saw Concrete Minerals colors on etsy, I squee'd like a little girl. The colors look absolutely amazing and you can tell that they really work hard on them and are dedicated to great colors ^.^

I was itching to try some of the colors.

I ordered

Samples in

Black Metal

I ordered on 3/29 and it was shipped 2 days later. She also sent
me a convo saying it had been shipped with a tracking number!


I can't remember the actual date my order arrived, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't too long, around the 12th.


All my samples were accounted for. Their samples are huge compared to come other comapnies, filling up 1/2-3/4 of a 3 gram jar.
The owner even gave me an extra sample of Temptress, and I am so glad she did! I love the color.

I will be ordering full sizes as soon as my paycheck comes in, and boy am I excited!

Customer Service
Every Time I contacted the owner, Emily, I received a speedy reply within 24 hours. I love customer service she provides and it just makes me happy ^.^

Diabolical Detrivores

Making the order

I found Detrivore while perusing Etsy a while ago. A good friend
of mine has also mentioned them a little while back saying they had
some deal for all 50 shadows going on. I searched and searched and could not find it.
I ordered from the website as I noticed the etsy shop didn't seem too full.

The website was relatively easy to navigate,not super elaborate, but alas, it lacked
a search bar! As well, the paypal cart is NOT integrated...
what a nightmare! I had almost 11 windows open while I jumped
back and forth deciding what colors I wanted. I could never
tell which cart was current. Needless to say it was super annoying.

I ordered all samples this time, and that is what I will be doing until I find
colors I definitely like.

I ordered samples of the following:

Mushroom Blue
Livor Mortis

There's not a minimum order for Detrivore and shipping cost me $5 flat.


I made my order on 3/30 and it was listed shipped on 4/1. It showed up on April 20th
after I was wondering all this time... It's really annoying!

The colors are very vibrant and colorful. While I like them, please read below about my customer service issue with Detrivore.

Customer Service

Before I had made my original order, I attempted to contact Distorria through etsy.
After a few days of no response, I just made my order on the website anyways.
I saw there was a contact form on her website so I figured I would try to contact her
through there so I sent two seperate messages on different days. This was at the end of March/ early days of April. It's now April 20th and I STILL have NOT gotten any response whatsoever.
I'm just annoyed, because obviously she had to list my package as shipped on paypal and she tweeted after I tried to contact her the first time. It's really annoying when a customer cannot get a hold of the seller.

April 20th the order finally showed up. Needless to say, while the colors are beautiful, I will not
order from Distorra ever again due to the horrible lack of customer service. If I recieve
and apology and possibly an explination, I would consider shopping at Detrivore Cosmetics again.

It's really too bad, I am in love with some of her colors :(

A Devious Evil Girl ;)

I found Evil Shades through her blog actually. I was doing some random googling.
While she isn't a massive company, just one woman and a store,
She has some cute things I really wanted to try out!

I bought:

Deviant Lipstick in Bane and Corruption
A sample set of all 15 of their eyeshadows

I don't know if there is a minimum order or not.

The cart is integrated into the website, but it takes you off the website to pay,
which is fine with me :)


I ordered 3/29 and it was shipped the next day :)

Shipping was really cheap at $4, and took a reasonable amout of time. It arrived on the 14th, so it took 12 days to get to canada.


I LOVE the shadows. Andrea, the owner, even threw in an extra sample or two with my order. While I admit I haven't thought up any mixes of the colors, they are very nice and easy to apply. I will put up swatches as soon as my camera starts working again :(

The Deviant Lipstick in Bane is amazing! Its a nice pink, not too over vibrant, but looks nice on me. I'm not so fond of Corruption however... When swatched it turns a funny copper color on my arm and turns the same color after it has been on my lips for over ten minutes. It's a bit depressing, but some metals also tend to discolor when they touch my skin, so I think it may just be my chemical makeup, as it turned out very pretty and fine on my sister... go figure!

From L to Right:
Nymphette, Zombie, Acolyte, Devil's Bonfire, Abyss, Panic, Suffocation, Banshee and Coffin. My sister seems to have taken off with a few of my colors >.>


I would definitely order from Andrea again! Nothing in my order was missing at all, and its definitely NOT her fault my chemical makeup is so wierd!
She also included a cute little heart sucker and some business cards, but no invoice. Yay for saving the trees ^.^

My First Post!

Hello Blogging World!

Miss K is HERE!

Let me tell you a bit about myself!!

My name is Kambria and I am full of pure awesome sauce!

I started this blog for one reason and one reason only.
To help other people getting into Mineral Makeup, no matter the age, or gender for that fact.

My good friend who will be called only by nickname, scenecore, will be modelling some guys makeup looks.

I never wore makeup throughout highschool. Ok, that’s a lie. I wore it to grad and to my grad photos.
However, the makeup that I had was HORRIBLE. It dried my skin out, clogged my pores, made me break out and just was nasty and hence I never wanted to use it
I starting reading a few blogs a few months ago, mainly Grey of Legothique.com and FrescoPhyrra’s blog and a few others such as sparkle is my crack and fashionedinfinaland. I read over and over, and while these blogs were amazing a great, they didn’t help me much.
They didn’t help me, a 19 year old girl who had never really worn makeup, let alone mineral makeup. I wanted to know how to “get into” mineral makeup, start using it slowly, the right ways to apply etc. They also didn’t have any suggestions for the anime geek in me, who would LOVE to wear makeup to the conventions I attend.
So I said “Dammit! I’m going to start my own blog!.” and I did
I will be posting some reviews for some mineral makeup companies I have recently purchased from when they show up. I am very excited to be helping out anyone.

Miss Kinky Lipstick <3<3


About Me

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Hello there fellow Devious makeup lovers... my name is Kambria and I am 19 years old. I would like to bring makeup knowledge to all aspects of my life, my anime geek friends, my work friends... everyone and anyone willing to learn and follow me with my journey. Enjoy