Gorgeous, Glamourous Glamour Doll Eyes!

I found Glamour Doll Eyes through LeGothique I believe...

Paying isn't difficult, just follow the steps they give you.

I ordered:
Sample Jar of Just Bitten**
Sample Jar of Electric Lemonade***
Sample Jar of Premonition**
Sample bag of Black Ice**
Sample bag of Oddity
As a freebie I got a sample bag of Dirty Jeans***

** These shadows are from the Twi-shadow Collection from GDE

***Vee has allready stated on the website that Dirty Jeans is an unblended pigment. Go HEREif you want more info.

Shipping is free on all samples worldwide. However, there is a minimum order. I think it's something like $8-10 worth of product. Either way, it's reasonable. I do not remember how long it took for the package to ship or get to me :(


The eyeshadows are good. Minus the ones that are not blended, the others are blended well and apply good, except for Black Ice for some reason. Black Ice did not want to go over Pixie epoxy at all! I just shrugged it off, probably something I was doing anyways, I had been swatching for hours. I'm not sure how I would pair these colors up at all currently. I think my brain was a bit off and I was just ordering what I thought looked cool at the time. Oh well :)

Would I order from Glamour Doll Eyes again? I wouldn't see why not to. While it's not an "absolute need to right at this very moment thing", I see myself ordering from them in the near future, I hear they have a beautiful color named Phyrra that I would like to try out.

4/5 kisses

Love, Miss K

Fabulously Ferocious Fyrinnae

I can't remember how I found Fyrinnae exactly, It seems like so long ago. On their front page they always have an "allow for ___ period of time before your order ships", which
a) I have never had to wait the maximum time, I don't even think I have had to wait the minimum time ( which when I last checked was like 18 days!)I think the longest I waited was like 2 weeks, if that, for my order to ship. I definitely do not mind!
b)Their stuff is beyond amazing, trust me, it IS worth every second of the wait ^.^


Fyrinnae has a shopping cart on the side of the webpage that tracks how much is in your cart. Unfortunately it's only in USD, but I really don't mind. Once you decide to check out, they check your address, then direct you to paypal, check your order then they charge your paypal acct.

I ordered:

Lip Lustre: Trickster Size - 3ml Mini
Arcane Magic: Archmage Size - Mini
Lip Lustre: Shangri-La Size - 3ml Mini
Lip Lustre: Diabolic Masquerade Size - 3ml Mini
Lip Lustre: Bloodstains Size - 3ml Mini
Pixie Epoxy Size - Full Size
Blue Whale Loose Eye Shadow Size - Mini
Arcane Magic: Sorceress Size - Mini

I made an order the other day that consisted of:
(This order shipped 4 days after it was placed including weekend days!!!!)

Cheetah Loose Eye Shadow Size - Mini
1.22 Gigawatts Loose Eye Shadow Size
Arcane Magic: Love Potion Size - Mini
Arcane Magic: Glitterboi Size - Mini
Arcane Magic: Faerie Glamour Size - Mini
Arcane Magic: Evocation Size - Mini
Lip Lustre: Beloved (Color-Changing) Size - 3ml Mini
We're All Mad Here Loose Eye Shadow Size - Mini
Sennyo Loose Eye Shadow Size - Mini
Lip Lustre: Shangri-La

Shipping: Shipping is free if you buy over $20 of product from Fyrinnae. It's super easy to buy over $20, and I usually wait until there's enough things that I want from Fyrinnae before ordering. Under $20, I think it's $2.50 for shipping in the US and $3.50 internationally. Everytime I have ordered from Fyrinnae my package has gotten here within 2 weeks ish from the day they shipped it. It's an acceptable wait time. As well I have never has to pay customs on any order from them. They do list it honestly however, no "gift" listing here. As a customer, I appreciate the honesty.

All products coming from Fyrinnae are nothing short of abosolutely fabulous! The consistency is great, the sparkle is great, Pixie Epoxy is like god! I have nothing to say but great things about this company.
I love the Arcane Magic collection, and most of it screams "Buy me!" every time I scroll through it.
The Lip Lustres are to die for! They are amazing. I love the way they smell, how they don't get goopy or feather on my lips and how even after I've worn it for 2 hours you can still see color! ^.^ I wore Shangri-La for 3 days straight... It's so pretty ^.^

Here's my swatches:
From top to bottom Left to Right ( All with UDPP and Pixie Epoxy)

Immortality, Darling Misfit, Bastet
Harlequin, Arcane Magic: Arch Mage, Parental Advisory
(excuse my pringles and my boyfriend in the background. I was having a fat day and the boys wanted me to come be social while they played D&D)

Incubus, Arcane Magic: Warrior-Mage, Arcane Magic: Feline Framiliars
Arcane Magic: Conjurer, Jaguar, Fyre &Ice ( Sorry for the crappy pics, none of them ever do Fyrinnae shadows ANY justice :( They are just too amazing to be photographed.
Excuse the gross man chest behind my arm, the boys are just trying to show off :P

Wicked, Avenging Salem, Sake & Sashimi
Knickers in a twist, Necromantic, Half Elf Hottie

**Photos of Lip Lustres to come**

Would I ever buy from Fyrinnae again? ABSOLUTELY! I love them dearly and they are one of those companies I feel extremely comfortable with everything they do, even the donating, as well as their customer service is awesome ^.^ I get replies within 24 hours and they don't make me feel bad for asking... ever!

5/5 Kisses

Love, Miss K

Meow! Kitty In Pinx Review

I found Kitty In Pinx when I was seatching Etsy for palettes.
There was an option of buying a pre-made palette or a custom palette. I've always been weary of pressed eyeshadows because they don't like me very much. Always crumbling on me and never applying right.Anywho...

I paid through etsy, so no problems there.

I ordered:

CUSTOM Six Color PRESSED Mineral Eyeshadow Palette SHIPS FREE**
**Free shipping only applies in the US.
I wanted the following colors:
Underground Velvet
Mellow Shot


Shipping was resonably priced at $3.50. ** For US orders it is free**

Now here's where my review takes a downward spiral. Like I said above, pressed eyeshadows HATE me. I don't know why, I wish I did.I have only had one pressed eyeshadow work for me... and that was a very long time ago.
This one however, would not go onto my brushes no matter what. Not even wet.
So I pulled out the Q-tips. I wet the q-tips, put them in the color and yay! it worked. Unfortunatly, that's where the yay ends. I attempted to swatch this on my arm to be more than dissapointed. None of the colors are wow in your face. Yes I realized I chose darker colors. The ones that are supposed to have sparklies in them do in the palette, but they refuse to show up on my arm whatsoever, leaving a blah color. Plus, they palette was not labelled, so I was left flipping back and forth between the website and etsy trying to figure out what color was what. I did email the owner about the not being labelled and it was possible the "map" of the palette was forgotten. It happens.
Customer service wise, Kitty in Pinx is great. My questions were always answered promptly etc.

Would I order from Kitty In Pinx again? Probably not. I'm not a fan of pressed eyeshadows and I was hoping this one would be different. Unless they start stocking lots of loose eyshadows and other products, I most likely would not go back.

3/5 Kisses
The customer service was great and the ability to choose a custom palette that didn't leave a hole in your wallet was great, but the palette just isn't for me.

Love, Miss K

AJoeyNamedRoo Review

I found AJoeyNamedRoo while searching for Birthday Cake on Etsy.
They sell a myriad of things, ranging from lip chap and body butter to even jewellry and scarves. They are deifnitely two talented ladies!

I ordered though Etsy, so I had no issue paying etc.

I ordered:
Vegan Lip Balm in Raspberry Lemonade
Vegan Lip Balm in Iced Roses

The second time I ordered, I got:

Birthday Cake - Confections Whipped Body Butter

Shipping cost was just okay for the first package. It was about 2.75, for the body butter is was 3.25 I think. Shipping was not lightning fast, nor was it snail slow. It was average. I have not recieved the second package as of yet as I ordered it on 6/10.

The lip balms were a present to my kid sister, so I did not really get a chance to try them out. I did however, smell the raspberry lemonade, which is extremely strong. I don't know if I like it really, but she does :) As for the iced roses, the scent is a bit duller, so if I ever order another lipbalm from them it would most likely be the iced roses. I applied them on the back of my hand and they applied ever so nicely and smooth, just like a lip balm should be without it being in your pocket all day.
They sent me a sample of the Bithday Lotion with the lip balms, and thank goodness! They chose the right one for me! I opened it up and took a nice long breath in. It smells so beautiful and sweet, not too overpowering. The formula is really nice, however, it does sometimes take a little bit to soak in. Once it soaks in however, the scent can stay for a while. I had gloves on right after I put it on ( it's a food safe work thing) and even after switching gloves 4-5 times and about an hour to an hour and a half passing, The faint smell of bithday cake was still on my hands. Awesome or what? That's why I bought the big container. I like, no, LOVE the smell of this lotion, I just hope my sinus's stop being jerks and quit stuffing me up by the time it gets here :)


Would I order from AJoeyNamedRoo again? Absolutely. They have a wide variety of things I would love to try out, ranging from the lip scrubs, because mine just ran out, to the soaps, which I have been dying to try out some new soap!

5/5 kisses, they get an extra plus for adding a free amazing item that I liked so much I went back and bought more!

Love, Miss K

Gotta Catch Em All... Shiro Cosmetics!

I found Shiro Cosmetics on ETSY

Ordering was a breeze as usual, I have never had issues buying on etsy, even being
from Canada.

I bought:
Catch 'em All - 15 Sample Bags

While I was writing this review, I went out and bought:
Mid-Week Mix'n'Match Madness
I got a full size of Pikachu and Jigglypuff, 3 minis is Rattata, Squirtle and Acid and one sample in Sudowoodo.

Shipping was reasonably priced at $1.50 for all the samples and $3.50 for the Mix and Match. My first order was here within a week and a half, and the second hasn't arrived yet, as it was only shipped 6/11. Both times I ordered, she had it shipped out within a day or two, I call that service!

All the samples came in cute little baggies, folded over with little stickers. A warning, do NOT get these stickers wet. I learned my lesson when I left the baggies in the bathroom. One of my ssamples now has no label, but I have determined it to be Brock, The Rock. I did not swatch Brock for you... sorry!

I applied these over Concrete Minerals Primer and Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae

They all applied very nicely, I never had any problems at all! I love Jigglypuff so much, it's been my go to color for work as of late.

Pros- They apply like a dream, Caitlin has hit the nail on the head for these colors! I imagine looking at the pokemon dead on when I applied these!

Cons- None! ^.^

Here is my swatch photos!

From L to Right, Top to Bottom
1st photo:

Mew, Acid, Charmander
Mewtwo, Squirtle
Zubat, Team Rocket, Lance, The Dragon Trainer

2nd photo:
Articuno, Hyper Beam, Bulbasaur
Vulpix, Butterfree
Jigglypuff, S.S Anne, Pikachu ( which even has red sparklies in it ^.^) *Squee*


Would I buy from Shiro Cosmetics again?
Absolutely, I allready have! Caitlin has even started making some new colors based on customer suggestions!

5/5 Kisses!

Love, Miss K

New blog layout!

I will now be posting my reviews in a different layout, including some pros and cons, how the product applies etc etc.
Reviews coming up!:

Shiro Cosmetics[Done and posted!]
Glamour Doll Eyes
Sobe Botanicals
Concrete Minerals (again!)
Moi Minerals
Morgana Minerals
Hi Fi Cosmetics
Kitty In the Pinx
AJoeyNamedRoo [Done and posted!]
The All Natural Face
and Allure By Jen

The last two will have to wait a little bit because my roomate has my lippie photos.

I think that is it.... I wont post them all in one day, I am thinking 2-3 day, which will last me a good week :)

Lots of love,

Miss K

HiFi Versus Fyrinnae

So while I was swatching my samples I noticed two similar colors!
They are definitly NOT dupes, but are more like cousins.

Fyrinnae's Arcane Magic: Conjurer is on the left, Hi Fi's Psycho Mind is on the right.

I have two pictures. Up close they both give off the same sort of aqua green shine.

I don't know if you can tell, but they are similar.

Fyrinnae: Soft burgundy-brick shade topped with shimmer that changes from rosy to pale blue to aqua green, depending on the light. Lighter and more shimmery than it looks here.

I could not find the decription for Psycho Mind.

Psycho mind is a darker color overall and also the shimmer is a deeper blue green.

What do you think? I love both colors and will probably buy both of them :)

Arm soreness and pretty stuff!

So... My roomate let me borrow his camera!
I just spent 2 hours swatching eyeshadows on my arm.. ranging from Fyrinnae shadows, to Hi Fi Cosmetics, Moi Minerals, Evil Shades, Sobe Botanicals and Concrete Minerals >.>
So much color. I even think I found a shadow from Hi Fi Cosmetics that is similar to an Arcane Magic color from Fyrinnae... though I forget the names at the moment. I will post pictures to show. Hi fi's is just a bit darker, but a very similar color, like cousins... and I love cousins! :P

I also got back from my anime convention on monday... and I didn't catch con rot!

I started commissioning a fursuit today and had my DTD ( Duct Tape Dummy made)

I might post a picture... it looks awesome!

Miss K

Color suggestions for Shiro Cosmetics

Im imaginging a whole bunch.... Sorry if you think I'm crazy! I just LOVE pokemon.

1st up, Moltres. Im imaginging a yellow color with some orange in there somehow... Beautiful!


Umbreon would be an awesome color too! A black with yellow glitter in it or a yellow sparkle with just the right sunlight!


Next up, Manectric!
A nice baby blue with some yello sparklies in it :)


And finally, spiritomb


A nice purple with a completely out of nowhere green in it!

To my followers, ignore this post, It was too big for twitter :P

Stupid Question game :P

1.What shoe size are you?
8.5,9 In some select brands I can wear an 8 but it's usually uncomfotable.

2.Where do you work?
At a seniors home.

3.Favorite piece of clothing you own :
Probably my graduation corset. If you are lucky I may post pictures of my grad up. Its also my most expensive piece of clothing

4.Your favorite blog?
At the moment? Its a tie between LeGothique and Eyeconic's blog

5.Do you have any pets?
Yeppers! I have a just over one year old Pug Beagle cross named Squirt. He keeps me on my toes alot of the time.

6.How many siblings do you have?
I have on biological sister. Then I have 1 step sister and brother in Texas. I also have 2 step sisters in Mexico, and possibly a brother... My stepmom hasn't really told me though.

7.If you could live anywhere where would it be?
Where I'm living right now. I love my area, it's pretty much safe from crazy wildlife like spiders who could kill me and even though it gets cold, its also rat free!

8.What were you doing before this?
I was attempting to nap with the fiancee, didn't work out so well.

9.Your favorite food?
Hmmm... Chicken. on something.

10.Do you have a middle name?
Yes! It's even hyphenated >.>

11.Your favorite websites?
Too many to count! mostly cosplay.com at the moment and twitter.

Receiving FREE products for reviewing and Contest DEETS ^.^

My sister brought this up the other day. Bloggers who get "bribed" with free product for a good review. While I'm sure I have read some of these blogs, I can guarantee you I will not do this.
a) It's against my moral compass... I do have one... and it bugs me at night >.>
b) It's wrong.

While I will accept free product, which I doubt will ever happen, ( Minus the samples, everyone gets free sampples) It WILL NOT bias my opinion.
If your product is crappy, I WILL write that it's crappy.
Speaking of crappy, I've got a few "crappy" reviews coming up. I think it's mostly repackaged makeup, some of it just may need reformulation.


I know this is what you pretties were looking for.

So here is the info!

Watcha gotta do to enter? Well... Go to Concrete Minerals Etsy page!

-Pick 2-3 colors that you would love to see a look done with!

-Comment on this blog post!

Extra entries can be gotten by doing the following::

-Tweet it! RT@kinkylipstick Enter Miss K's Concrete Minerals Contest at http://bit.ly/dCxmLC
Feel free to copy and paste that! That will get you an extra entry :)

-Tutorial it! With those 2-3 colors you picked, tell me how you would apply them!
2 extra entries if you do a look with those colors and link it to me :) Writing a short tutorial earns you one extra entry.

You have until JUNE 13TH. I will draw the contest on the night of June 13th.

**PRIZE** This is really what you are after... Winner gets to choose! The winner can choose 4 shadows or 3 shadows and one primer from Concrete Minerals. It will be shipped directly to the winner!

Anywho, I'm off!
Later all!

Miss K.

^.^ Happiness wrapped up in bubble wrapping

Well.... I was waiting until the 28th to buy a camera, but I got a refund on an old pp purchase... not a full one, but a partial. And what did I do with this, you ask?
Its pink ^.^ 10 mp and 4X zoom. Its not the one I wanted... but a) it was cheaper
b) I didn't need some awesome epic photography camera anyways :P
c) Its still better than the camera I had ^.^

I have a TON of reviews I have to do *frets*

-Sobe Botanicals
-Evil Shades ( again!)
-A Joey Named Roo
-Glamour Doll Eyes
-Concrete Minerals
-Allure by Jen
-The All Natural Face
-Morgana Minerals
-Moi Minerals
-Hifi Cosmetics
and Physician's Formula Makeup Strips...

I think that's it... Oh my! I have quite a few don't I?
Off to find a new blog template!

Too much drama!

As some of you may have noticed, I deleted my AL/Stardust blog that linked to eyeconic's blog entry about the whole drama.
I have decided that I am just going to stay out of it.
Yes so and so did this, and so and so did that, but I am in the process of
stress free-ing my life. I have a big issue holding grudges and while some must be upheld, I won't hold one against either one of these companies.
However, even if I buy from either company, I have decided that I will not blog about it.
I will not give publicity to either company. Sorry but that means the AL blog I was planning is a no go.
Sorry to everyone but this is my way to further myself from the drama.
Thanks and I cannot wait to get my camera on the 28th ^.^


So here's the scoop.
I am NOT leaving ^.^.
However, until I get a camera I won't be able to blog. I feel my reviews also need alot of tweaking and well, until I get a camera I can do that ^.^ So sorry if I spam your blogspot blog roll thing with posts, it's just because im editing them ^.^

Disclosure Policy

I can't figure out where else to put it right now, so im just going to post it here:

This policy is valid from 20 April 2010

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. This blog does not accept any form of cash advertising, sponsorship, or paid topic insertions. However, we will and do accept and keep free products, services, travel, event tickets, and other forms of compensation from companies and organizations.

The owner(s) of this blog will never receive compensation in any way from this blog.

The owner(s) of this blog is not compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owners. If we claim or appear to be experts on a certain topic or product or service area, we will only endorse products or services that we believe, based on our expertise, are worthy of such endorsement. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

To get your own policy, go to http://www.disclosurepolicy.org

Rock Hard Concrete

When I first saw Concrete Minerals colors on etsy, I squee'd like a little girl. The colors look absolutely amazing and you can tell that they really work hard on them and are dedicated to great colors ^.^

I was itching to try some of the colors.

I ordered

Samples in

Black Metal

I ordered on 3/29 and it was shipped 2 days later. She also sent
me a convo saying it had been shipped with a tracking number!


I can't remember the actual date my order arrived, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't too long, around the 12th.


All my samples were accounted for. Their samples are huge compared to come other comapnies, filling up 1/2-3/4 of a 3 gram jar.
The owner even gave me an extra sample of Temptress, and I am so glad she did! I love the color.

I will be ordering full sizes as soon as my paycheck comes in, and boy am I excited!

Customer Service
Every Time I contacted the owner, Emily, I received a speedy reply within 24 hours. I love customer service she provides and it just makes me happy ^.^

Diabolical Detrivores

Making the order

I found Detrivore while perusing Etsy a while ago. A good friend
of mine has also mentioned them a little while back saying they had
some deal for all 50 shadows going on. I searched and searched and could not find it.
I ordered from the website as I noticed the etsy shop didn't seem too full.

The website was relatively easy to navigate,not super elaborate, but alas, it lacked
a search bar! As well, the paypal cart is NOT integrated...
what a nightmare! I had almost 11 windows open while I jumped
back and forth deciding what colors I wanted. I could never
tell which cart was current. Needless to say it was super annoying.

I ordered all samples this time, and that is what I will be doing until I find
colors I definitely like.

I ordered samples of the following:

Mushroom Blue
Livor Mortis

There's not a minimum order for Detrivore and shipping cost me $5 flat.


I made my order on 3/30 and it was listed shipped on 4/1. It showed up on April 20th
after I was wondering all this time... It's really annoying!

The colors are very vibrant and colorful. While I like them, please read below about my customer service issue with Detrivore.

Customer Service

Before I had made my original order, I attempted to contact Distorria through etsy.
After a few days of no response, I just made my order on the website anyways.
I saw there was a contact form on her website so I figured I would try to contact her
through there so I sent two seperate messages on different days. This was at the end of March/ early days of April. It's now April 20th and I STILL have NOT gotten any response whatsoever.
I'm just annoyed, because obviously she had to list my package as shipped on paypal and she tweeted after I tried to contact her the first time. It's really annoying when a customer cannot get a hold of the seller.

April 20th the order finally showed up. Needless to say, while the colors are beautiful, I will not
order from Distorra ever again due to the horrible lack of customer service. If I recieve
and apology and possibly an explination, I would consider shopping at Detrivore Cosmetics again.

It's really too bad, I am in love with some of her colors :(

A Devious Evil Girl ;)

I found Evil Shades through her blog actually. I was doing some random googling.
While she isn't a massive company, just one woman and a store,
She has some cute things I really wanted to try out!

I bought:

Deviant Lipstick in Bane and Corruption
A sample set of all 15 of their eyeshadows

I don't know if there is a minimum order or not.

The cart is integrated into the website, but it takes you off the website to pay,
which is fine with me :)


I ordered 3/29 and it was shipped the next day :)

Shipping was really cheap at $4, and took a reasonable amout of time. It arrived on the 14th, so it took 12 days to get to canada.


I LOVE the shadows. Andrea, the owner, even threw in an extra sample or two with my order. While I admit I haven't thought up any mixes of the colors, they are very nice and easy to apply. I will put up swatches as soon as my camera starts working again :(

The Deviant Lipstick in Bane is amazing! Its a nice pink, not too over vibrant, but looks nice on me. I'm not so fond of Corruption however... When swatched it turns a funny copper color on my arm and turns the same color after it has been on my lips for over ten minutes. It's a bit depressing, but some metals also tend to discolor when they touch my skin, so I think it may just be my chemical makeup, as it turned out very pretty and fine on my sister... go figure!

From L to Right:
Nymphette, Zombie, Acolyte, Devil's Bonfire, Abyss, Panic, Suffocation, Banshee and Coffin. My sister seems to have taken off with a few of my colors >.>


I would definitely order from Andrea again! Nothing in my order was missing at all, and its definitely NOT her fault my chemical makeup is so wierd!
She also included a cute little heart sucker and some business cards, but no invoice. Yay for saving the trees ^.^

My First Post!

Hello Blogging World!

Miss K is HERE!

Let me tell you a bit about myself!!

My name is Kambria and I am full of pure awesome sauce!

I started this blog for one reason and one reason only.
To help other people getting into Mineral Makeup, no matter the age, or gender for that fact.

My good friend who will be called only by nickname, scenecore, will be modelling some guys makeup looks.

I never wore makeup throughout highschool. Ok, that’s a lie. I wore it to grad and to my grad photos.
However, the makeup that I had was HORRIBLE. It dried my skin out, clogged my pores, made me break out and just was nasty and hence I never wanted to use it
I starting reading a few blogs a few months ago, mainly Grey of Legothique.com and FrescoPhyrra’s blog and a few others such as sparkle is my crack and fashionedinfinaland. I read over and over, and while these blogs were amazing a great, they didn’t help me much.
They didn’t help me, a 19 year old girl who had never really worn makeup, let alone mineral makeup. I wanted to know how to “get into” mineral makeup, start using it slowly, the right ways to apply etc. They also didn’t have any suggestions for the anime geek in me, who would LOVE to wear makeup to the conventions I attend.
So I said “Dammit! I’m going to start my own blog!.” and I did
I will be posting some reviews for some mineral makeup companies I have recently purchased from when they show up. I am very excited to be helping out anyone.

Miss Kinky Lipstick <3<3


About Me

My photo
Hello there fellow Devious makeup lovers... my name is Kambria and I am 19 years old. I would like to bring makeup knowledge to all aspects of my life, my anime geek friends, my work friends... everyone and anyone willing to learn and follow me with my journey. Enjoy