HiFi Versus Fyrinnae

So while I was swatching my samples I noticed two similar colors!
They are definitly NOT dupes, but are more like cousins.

Fyrinnae's Arcane Magic: Conjurer is on the left, Hi Fi's Psycho Mind is on the right.

I have two pictures. Up close they both give off the same sort of aqua green shine.

I don't know if you can tell, but they are similar.

Fyrinnae: Soft burgundy-brick shade topped with shimmer that changes from rosy to pale blue to aqua green, depending on the light. Lighter and more shimmery than it looks here.

I could not find the decription for Psycho Mind.

Psycho mind is a darker color overall and also the shimmer is a deeper blue green.

What do you think? I love both colors and will probably buy both of them :)

Arm soreness and pretty stuff!

So... My roomate let me borrow his camera!
I just spent 2 hours swatching eyeshadows on my arm.. ranging from Fyrinnae shadows, to Hi Fi Cosmetics, Moi Minerals, Evil Shades, Sobe Botanicals and Concrete Minerals >.>
So much color. I even think I found a shadow from Hi Fi Cosmetics that is similar to an Arcane Magic color from Fyrinnae... though I forget the names at the moment. I will post pictures to show. Hi fi's is just a bit darker, but a very similar color, like cousins... and I love cousins! :P

I also got back from my anime convention on monday... and I didn't catch con rot!

I started commissioning a fursuit today and had my DTD ( Duct Tape Dummy made)

I might post a picture... it looks awesome!

Miss K

Color suggestions for Shiro Cosmetics

Im imaginging a whole bunch.... Sorry if you think I'm crazy! I just LOVE pokemon.

1st up, Moltres. Im imaginging a yellow color with some orange in there somehow... Beautiful!


Umbreon would be an awesome color too! A black with yellow glitter in it or a yellow sparkle with just the right sunlight!


Next up, Manectric!
A nice baby blue with some yello sparklies in it :)


And finally, spiritomb


A nice purple with a completely out of nowhere green in it!

To my followers, ignore this post, It was too big for twitter :P

Stupid Question game :P

1.What shoe size are you?
8.5,9 In some select brands I can wear an 8 but it's usually uncomfotable.

2.Where do you work?
At a seniors home.

3.Favorite piece of clothing you own :
Probably my graduation corset. If you are lucky I may post pictures of my grad up. Its also my most expensive piece of clothing

4.Your favorite blog?
At the moment? Its a tie between LeGothique and Eyeconic's blog

5.Do you have any pets?
Yeppers! I have a just over one year old Pug Beagle cross named Squirt. He keeps me on my toes alot of the time.

6.How many siblings do you have?
I have on biological sister. Then I have 1 step sister and brother in Texas. I also have 2 step sisters in Mexico, and possibly a brother... My stepmom hasn't really told me though.

7.If you could live anywhere where would it be?
Where I'm living right now. I love my area, it's pretty much safe from crazy wildlife like spiders who could kill me and even though it gets cold, its also rat free!

8.What were you doing before this?
I was attempting to nap with the fiancee, didn't work out so well.

9.Your favorite food?
Hmmm... Chicken. on something.

10.Do you have a middle name?
Yes! It's even hyphenated >.>

11.Your favorite websites?
Too many to count! mostly cosplay.com at the moment and twitter.

Receiving FREE products for reviewing and Contest DEETS ^.^

My sister brought this up the other day. Bloggers who get "bribed" with free product for a good review. While I'm sure I have read some of these blogs, I can guarantee you I will not do this.
a) It's against my moral compass... I do have one... and it bugs me at night >.>
b) It's wrong.

While I will accept free product, which I doubt will ever happen, ( Minus the samples, everyone gets free sampples) It WILL NOT bias my opinion.
If your product is crappy, I WILL write that it's crappy.
Speaking of crappy, I've got a few "crappy" reviews coming up. I think it's mostly repackaged makeup, some of it just may need reformulation.


I know this is what you pretties were looking for.

So here is the info!

Watcha gotta do to enter? Well... Go to Concrete Minerals Etsy page!

-Pick 2-3 colors that you would love to see a look done with!

-Comment on this blog post!

Extra entries can be gotten by doing the following::

-Tweet it! RT@kinkylipstick Enter Miss K's Concrete Minerals Contest at http://bit.ly/dCxmLC
Feel free to copy and paste that! That will get you an extra entry :)

-Tutorial it! With those 2-3 colors you picked, tell me how you would apply them!
2 extra entries if you do a look with those colors and link it to me :) Writing a short tutorial earns you one extra entry.

You have until JUNE 13TH. I will draw the contest on the night of June 13th.

**PRIZE** This is really what you are after... Winner gets to choose! The winner can choose 4 shadows or 3 shadows and one primer from Concrete Minerals. It will be shipped directly to the winner!

Anywho, I'm off!
Later all!

Miss K.

^.^ Happiness wrapped up in bubble wrapping

Well.... I was waiting until the 28th to buy a camera, but I got a refund on an old pp purchase... not a full one, but a partial. And what did I do with this, you ask?
Its pink ^.^ 10 mp and 4X zoom. Its not the one I wanted... but a) it was cheaper
b) I didn't need some awesome epic photography camera anyways :P
c) Its still better than the camera I had ^.^

I have a TON of reviews I have to do *frets*

-Sobe Botanicals
-Evil Shades ( again!)
-A Joey Named Roo
-Glamour Doll Eyes
-Concrete Minerals
-Allure by Jen
-The All Natural Face
-Morgana Minerals
-Moi Minerals
-Hifi Cosmetics
and Physician's Formula Makeup Strips...

I think that's it... Oh my! I have quite a few don't I?
Off to find a new blog template!

Too much drama!

As some of you may have noticed, I deleted my AL/Stardust blog that linked to eyeconic's blog entry about the whole drama.
I have decided that I am just going to stay out of it.
Yes so and so did this, and so and so did that, but I am in the process of
stress free-ing my life. I have a big issue holding grudges and while some must be upheld, I won't hold one against either one of these companies.
However, even if I buy from either company, I have decided that I will not blog about it.
I will not give publicity to either company. Sorry but that means the AL blog I was planning is a no go.
Sorry to everyone but this is my way to further myself from the drama.
Thanks and I cannot wait to get my camera on the 28th ^.^


So here's the scoop.
I am NOT leaving ^.^.
However, until I get a camera I won't be able to blog. I feel my reviews also need alot of tweaking and well, until I get a camera I can do that ^.^ So sorry if I spam your blogspot blog roll thing with posts, it's just because im editing them ^.^


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