A Devious Evil Girl ;)

I found Evil Shades through her blog actually. I was doing some random googling.
While she isn't a massive company, just one woman and a store,
She has some cute things I really wanted to try out!

I bought:

Deviant Lipstick in Bane and Corruption
A sample set of all 15 of their eyeshadows

I don't know if there is a minimum order or not.

The cart is integrated into the website, but it takes you off the website to pay,
which is fine with me :)


I ordered 3/29 and it was shipped the next day :)

Shipping was really cheap at $4, and took a reasonable amout of time. It arrived on the 14th, so it took 12 days to get to canada.


I LOVE the shadows. Andrea, the owner, even threw in an extra sample or two with my order. While I admit I haven't thought up any mixes of the colors, they are very nice and easy to apply. I will put up swatches as soon as my camera starts working again :(

The Deviant Lipstick in Bane is amazing! Its a nice pink, not too over vibrant, but looks nice on me. I'm not so fond of Corruption however... When swatched it turns a funny copper color on my arm and turns the same color after it has been on my lips for over ten minutes. It's a bit depressing, but some metals also tend to discolor when they touch my skin, so I think it may just be my chemical makeup, as it turned out very pretty and fine on my sister... go figure!

From L to Right:
Nymphette, Zombie, Acolyte, Devil's Bonfire, Abyss, Panic, Suffocation, Banshee and Coffin. My sister seems to have taken off with a few of my colors >.>


I would definitely order from Andrea again! Nothing in my order was missing at all, and its definitely NOT her fault my chemical makeup is so wierd!
She also included a cute little heart sucker and some business cards, but no invoice. Yay for saving the trees ^.^



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