Diabolical Detrivores

Making the order

I found Detrivore while perusing Etsy a while ago. A good friend
of mine has also mentioned them a little while back saying they had
some deal for all 50 shadows going on. I searched and searched and could not find it.
I ordered from the website as I noticed the etsy shop didn't seem too full.

The website was relatively easy to navigate,not super elaborate, but alas, it lacked
a search bar! As well, the paypal cart is NOT integrated...
what a nightmare! I had almost 11 windows open while I jumped
back and forth deciding what colors I wanted. I could never
tell which cart was current. Needless to say it was super annoying.

I ordered all samples this time, and that is what I will be doing until I find
colors I definitely like.

I ordered samples of the following:

Mushroom Blue
Livor Mortis

There's not a minimum order for Detrivore and shipping cost me $5 flat.


I made my order on 3/30 and it was listed shipped on 4/1. It showed up on April 20th
after I was wondering all this time... It's really annoying!

The colors are very vibrant and colorful. While I like them, please read below about my customer service issue with Detrivore.

Customer Service

Before I had made my original order, I attempted to contact Distorria through etsy.
After a few days of no response, I just made my order on the website anyways.
I saw there was a contact form on her website so I figured I would try to contact her
through there so I sent two seperate messages on different days. This was at the end of March/ early days of April. It's now April 20th and I STILL have NOT gotten any response whatsoever.
I'm just annoyed, because obviously she had to list my package as shipped on paypal and she tweeted after I tried to contact her the first time. It's really annoying when a customer cannot get a hold of the seller.

April 20th the order finally showed up. Needless to say, while the colors are beautiful, I will not
order from Distorra ever again due to the horrible lack of customer service. If I recieve
and apology and possibly an explination, I would consider shopping at Detrivore Cosmetics again.

It's really too bad, I am in love with some of her colors :(



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