Arm soreness and pretty stuff!

So... My roomate let me borrow his camera!
I just spent 2 hours swatching eyeshadows on my arm.. ranging from Fyrinnae shadows, to Hi Fi Cosmetics, Moi Minerals, Evil Shades, Sobe Botanicals and Concrete Minerals >.>
So much color. I even think I found a shadow from Hi Fi Cosmetics that is similar to an Arcane Magic color from Fyrinnae... though I forget the names at the moment. I will post pictures to show. Hi fi's is just a bit darker, but a very similar color, like cousins... and I love cousins! :P

I also got back from my anime convention on monday... and I didn't catch con rot!

I started commissioning a fursuit today and had my DTD ( Duct Tape Dummy made)

I might post a picture... it looks awesome!

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