Too much drama!

As some of you may have noticed, I deleted my AL/Stardust blog that linked to eyeconic's blog entry about the whole drama.
I have decided that I am just going to stay out of it.
Yes so and so did this, and so and so did that, but I am in the process of
stress free-ing my life. I have a big issue holding grudges and while some must be upheld, I won't hold one against either one of these companies.
However, even if I buy from either company, I have decided that I will not blog about it.
I will not give publicity to either company. Sorry but that means the AL blog I was planning is a no go.
Sorry to everyone but this is my way to further myself from the drama.
Thanks and I cannot wait to get my camera on the 28th ^.^


Evil Angel said...

A wise decision in my opinion.
Drama is not worth it at all!

Julissa said...


I've been trying to stay out of it, also. I think I commented once or twice but ya know, now it's just getting out of hand. So oh well. Let everyone else deal with it. :D

KinkyKambria said...

Yeah. I commente I think twice on Phyrra's post. but then I really thought hard about it last night and I was like... meh! :)


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