^.^ Happiness wrapped up in bubble wrapping

Well.... I was waiting until the 28th to buy a camera, but I got a refund on an old pp purchase... not a full one, but a partial. And what did I do with this, you ask?
Its pink ^.^ 10 mp and 4X zoom. Its not the one I wanted... but a) it was cheaper
b) I didn't need some awesome epic photography camera anyways :P
c) Its still better than the camera I had ^.^

I have a TON of reviews I have to do *frets*

-Sobe Botanicals
-Evil Shades ( again!)
-A Joey Named Roo
-Glamour Doll Eyes
-Concrete Minerals
-Allure by Jen
-The All Natural Face
-Morgana Minerals
-Moi Minerals
-Hifi Cosmetics
and Physician's Formula Makeup Strips...

I think that's it... Oh my! I have quite a few don't I?
Off to find a new blog template!


Heather / Eyeconic said...

Looking forward to your reviews!

KinkyKambria said...

Awe Thanks. You're so sweet!

Julissa said...

Yay! Me too! Hooray for new cameras!


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