Receiving FREE products for reviewing and Contest DEETS ^.^

My sister brought this up the other day. Bloggers who get "bribed" with free product for a good review. While I'm sure I have read some of these blogs, I can guarantee you I will not do this.
a) It's against my moral compass... I do have one... and it bugs me at night >.>
b) It's wrong.

While I will accept free product, which I doubt will ever happen, ( Minus the samples, everyone gets free sampples) It WILL NOT bias my opinion.
If your product is crappy, I WILL write that it's crappy.
Speaking of crappy, I've got a few "crappy" reviews coming up. I think it's mostly repackaged makeup, some of it just may need reformulation.


I know this is what you pretties were looking for.

So here is the info!

Watcha gotta do to enter? Well... Go to Concrete Minerals Etsy page!

-Pick 2-3 colors that you would love to see a look done with!

-Comment on this blog post!

Extra entries can be gotten by doing the following::

-Tweet it! RT@kinkylipstick Enter Miss K's Concrete Minerals Contest at
Feel free to copy and paste that! That will get you an extra entry :)

-Tutorial it! With those 2-3 colors you picked, tell me how you would apply them!
2 extra entries if you do a look with those colors and link it to me :) Writing a short tutorial earns you one extra entry.

You have until JUNE 13TH. I will draw the contest on the night of June 13th.

**PRIZE** This is really what you are after... Winner gets to choose! The winner can choose 4 shadows or 3 shadows and one primer from Concrete Minerals. It will be shipped directly to the winner!

Anywho, I'm off!
Later all!

Miss K.


Evil Angel said...

I know quite a few of our beauty and most of our nail bloggers and while I'm sure there are a few (very few) bloggers that may well give positive reviews in exchange for product, The largest majority I believe are honest.

I personally have always been hobest in my reviews. If a product(free or not) is not up to par then I will and have informed my readers of my honest opinion. I have also recieved products so bad or missleading that I have refused to review and or returned those products.

I can understand some peoples concern over blogger honesty.
I don't think it is really an issue and our readers are generally intelligent people so I believe they can tell an honest review from a fluff review.

There will always be dishonest people and bloggers who blog just to get freebies or those who are secretly conected to a company. I do think that those are a very small portion so we don't let those few bad apples ruin our fun bunch.



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