AJoeyNamedRoo Review

I found AJoeyNamedRoo while searching for Birthday Cake on Etsy.
They sell a myriad of things, ranging from lip chap and body butter to even jewellry and scarves. They are deifnitely two talented ladies!

I ordered though Etsy, so I had no issue paying etc.

I ordered:
Vegan Lip Balm in Raspberry Lemonade
Vegan Lip Balm in Iced Roses

The second time I ordered, I got:

Birthday Cake - Confections Whipped Body Butter

Shipping cost was just okay for the first package. It was about 2.75, for the body butter is was 3.25 I think. Shipping was not lightning fast, nor was it snail slow. It was average. I have not recieved the second package as of yet as I ordered it on 6/10.

The lip balms were a present to my kid sister, so I did not really get a chance to try them out. I did however, smell the raspberry lemonade, which is extremely strong. I don't know if I like it really, but she does :) As for the iced roses, the scent is a bit duller, so if I ever order another lipbalm from them it would most likely be the iced roses. I applied them on the back of my hand and they applied ever so nicely and smooth, just like a lip balm should be without it being in your pocket all day.
They sent me a sample of the Bithday Lotion with the lip balms, and thank goodness! They chose the right one for me! I opened it up and took a nice long breath in. It smells so beautiful and sweet, not too overpowering. The formula is really nice, however, it does sometimes take a little bit to soak in. Once it soaks in however, the scent can stay for a while. I had gloves on right after I put it on ( it's a food safe work thing) and even after switching gloves 4-5 times and about an hour to an hour and a half passing, The faint smell of bithday cake was still on my hands. Awesome or what? That's why I bought the big container. I like, no, LOVE the smell of this lotion, I just hope my sinus's stop being jerks and quit stuffing me up by the time it gets here :)


Would I order from AJoeyNamedRoo again? Absolutely. They have a wide variety of things I would love to try out, ranging from the lip scrubs, because mine just ran out, to the soaps, which I have been dying to try out some new soap!

5/5 kisses, they get an extra plus for adding a free amazing item that I liked so much I went back and bought more!

Love, Miss K



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