Meow! Kitty In Pinx Review

I found Kitty In Pinx when I was seatching Etsy for palettes.
There was an option of buying a pre-made palette or a custom palette. I've always been weary of pressed eyeshadows because they don't like me very much. Always crumbling on me and never applying right.Anywho...

I paid through etsy, so no problems there.

I ordered:

CUSTOM Six Color PRESSED Mineral Eyeshadow Palette SHIPS FREE**
**Free shipping only applies in the US.
I wanted the following colors:
Underground Velvet
Mellow Shot


Shipping was resonably priced at $3.50. ** For US orders it is free**

Now here's where my review takes a downward spiral. Like I said above, pressed eyeshadows HATE me. I don't know why, I wish I did.I have only had one pressed eyeshadow work for me... and that was a very long time ago.
This one however, would not go onto my brushes no matter what. Not even wet.
So I pulled out the Q-tips. I wet the q-tips, put them in the color and yay! it worked. Unfortunatly, that's where the yay ends. I attempted to swatch this on my arm to be more than dissapointed. None of the colors are wow in your face. Yes I realized I chose darker colors. The ones that are supposed to have sparklies in them do in the palette, but they refuse to show up on my arm whatsoever, leaving a blah color. Plus, they palette was not labelled, so I was left flipping back and forth between the website and etsy trying to figure out what color was what. I did email the owner about the not being labelled and it was possible the "map" of the palette was forgotten. It happens.
Customer service wise, Kitty in Pinx is great. My questions were always answered promptly etc.

Would I order from Kitty In Pinx again? Probably not. I'm not a fan of pressed eyeshadows and I was hoping this one would be different. Unless they start stocking lots of loose eyshadows and other products, I most likely would not go back.

3/5 Kisses
The customer service was great and the ability to choose a custom palette that didn't leave a hole in your wallet was great, but the palette just isn't for me.

Love, Miss K



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