Gotta Catch Em All... Shiro Cosmetics!

I found Shiro Cosmetics on ETSY

Ordering was a breeze as usual, I have never had issues buying on etsy, even being
from Canada.

I bought:
Catch 'em All - 15 Sample Bags

While I was writing this review, I went out and bought:
Mid-Week Mix'n'Match Madness
I got a full size of Pikachu and Jigglypuff, 3 minis is Rattata, Squirtle and Acid and one sample in Sudowoodo.

Shipping was reasonably priced at $1.50 for all the samples and $3.50 for the Mix and Match. My first order was here within a week and a half, and the second hasn't arrived yet, as it was only shipped 6/11. Both times I ordered, she had it shipped out within a day or two, I call that service!

All the samples came in cute little baggies, folded over with little stickers. A warning, do NOT get these stickers wet. I learned my lesson when I left the baggies in the bathroom. One of my ssamples now has no label, but I have determined it to be Brock, The Rock. I did not swatch Brock for you... sorry!

I applied these over Concrete Minerals Primer and Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae

They all applied very nicely, I never had any problems at all! I love Jigglypuff so much, it's been my go to color for work as of late.

Pros- They apply like a dream, Caitlin has hit the nail on the head for these colors! I imagine looking at the pokemon dead on when I applied these!

Cons- None! ^.^

Here is my swatch photos!

From L to Right, Top to Bottom
1st photo:

Mew, Acid, Charmander
Mewtwo, Squirtle
Zubat, Team Rocket, Lance, The Dragon Trainer

2nd photo:
Articuno, Hyper Beam, Bulbasaur
Vulpix, Butterfree
Jigglypuff, S.S Anne, Pikachu ( which even has red sparklies in it ^.^) *Squee*


Would I buy from Shiro Cosmetics again?
Absolutely, I allready have! Caitlin has even started making some new colors based on customer suggestions!

5/5 Kisses!

Love, Miss K



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