New blog layout!

I will now be posting my reviews in a different layout, including some pros and cons, how the product applies etc etc.
Reviews coming up!:

Shiro Cosmetics[Done and posted!]
Glamour Doll Eyes
Sobe Botanicals
Concrete Minerals (again!)
Moi Minerals
Morgana Minerals
Hi Fi Cosmetics
Kitty In the Pinx
AJoeyNamedRoo [Done and posted!]
The All Natural Face
and Allure By Jen

The last two will have to wait a little bit because my roomate has my lippie photos.

I think that is it.... I wont post them all in one day, I am thinking 2-3 day, which will last me a good week :)

Lots of love,

Miss K


The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Can't wait for the Shiro Cosmetics one!


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